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hey can u explain to me the whole nudes story please?thank u xoxo
- Anonymous

Basically YES acacia sent nudes to - Sam and he gave them away or something but they were keeping it a secret because of their reputation and motsly because of Sam’s reputation that’s why Acacia never admitted the truth so actually she was always doing this because of him!

And now he said to Acacia to delete the tweets because his manager was mad…

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Hi can you plz post some pictures of acacia when she had long red hair?
- Anonymous


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Does acacia still have a tumblr or did she delete it
- callmeafairy

It is littlesqueal

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What's Steven's instagram? Thank you and love ur blog 💜💜
- weedselena

His insta name is Dartle

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New series

Hello kitties!
New series starting from 1st of September here on blog
I will be reblogging fashion posts Acacia might wear :)) ( finally posts you can reblog and make look nice on your tumblrs because Acacia’s photos are not always HQ)
links will be in descripiton so reblog if u like it and check the products

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can you post acacia's recent photoshoot pics
- Anonymous

I already did it
Btw most photoshoots are here- acaciakittyclark.tumblr.com/tagged/photoshoot

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My drawing of Acacia Brinley

What is acacia's tumblr? 💕
- Anonymous


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