Anonymous: Why Acacia often put necklines when she was a teenager?

Well dont ask me.. i guess it was trendy :D

Xx Kitty

Anonymous: I would sooo like perfection! You've already seen it in real?

Sorry whaat?

Xx Kitty ^,^

bbyjaii: Cuz I LOVE her😂👌

:) oh yaaa

Xx Kitty $,$

Anonymous: When acacia was younger how was she in all those commercials

Her faster is a photographer and she lives near LA… I dont know

Xx Kitty ^,^

Anonymous: Do you really like acacia?¿

The answer is: yaaaaas

Xx Kitty >,

Anonymous: You people looking to help you manage your tumblr Acacia? ^ w ^

No I think I can manage it on my own ;)
Thank you

Xx Kitty =^,^=

Anonymous: I am French, and I love Acacia. With school, I go to England, in London May 19 to 23 You think it would be possible that it remains up to this date?

Umm I dont know because it is on 4th of May
I think Acacia might say on her twitter how long she will stay there :)

Xx Kitty